Midwest Trip 2012

Memorable Events


Delayed flights: 

- Linda’s plane to Denver is late

- Oh wait – so is the plane to St Louis (what are the odds?)

- Still a tight connection – Linda running “miles” in the airport to make it

The car

- Cathy the driver (wasn’t she good?)

- Linda the navigator (also excellent)

- Mom – the back seat, contributes to the chit chat

Effingham and the Corvette show (no..this wasn’t our rental car)


Effingham and the motel:

-Bathroom inspection and lifting up the mat in the bathtub (this involved some screeching and rapid backing up by Linda and mom)

- Decision:  let’s just say we took quick showers with a towel to cover up the mat


Playing Polish Poker with the Shulers




- Initially in a dither:  What do we wear? What do we do?  Do we have to sing?  What if we have to open the Bible to a certain spot?

- It all was wonderful and the pastor was funny and told a joke:  A lady was widowed 4 times:  First husband was a banker, second managed a theatre, third was a pastor and 4th was an undertaker.  Yes, you guessed it:  One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!


Driving to and from provided by Ray Shuler at age 96! 

- He was good and kept at or above the speed limit at all times


A couple of meals in Effingham (always an important aspect of the trip) were at the Cracker Barrel – lots of great food with a gift shop included.








See the Shulers in all of their church finery…..



Lavange playing the piano



Costco in St Louis

- scoring big at the feeding stations inside

- standing around the wrong silver car outside wondering why the clicker wouldn’t open the car door


The spider incident – part one: at the Costco gas station in St Louis


- initial screech by Cathy as a black furry spider scurried out from the gas cap compartment and made a beeline to mom’s door crack

- she goes to the front door to inform Linda of the situation

- all are concerned about the possibility of the spider gaining access to the interior of the car and of course all of us hate spiders

- Linda is getting out of the car and Cathy with her adrenaline in high gear jumps with her arms up and screeches when the gas line clicks off (and this of course leads to a screech from Linda and a small screech from mom inside the car).

- Cathy finishes the gas chore (we certainly don’t want to peal out with the gas nozzle in the tank).

- Now it is time to deal with this spider – Linda opens the back door, sees the spider scurry around (leading to more screeches) and then slams the door hard intending to kill it of course.

- By this time we are attracting a lot of attention from the other customers at the gas station with one man stretching his head around to see what was going on.

- Linda opens the door slowly to confirm the spider is dead but it comes scurrying out leading to a series of screeches, a scramble to the car and peeling out of the gas station hopefully leaving the troublesome spider behind.

- We laughed so hard Cathy could not possibly drive and stayed in the parking lot to recover.



Once we recovered we headed to Sullivan, MO for an overnight stay and then a drive to Aurora, Mo the next morning to meet up with Butch’s Aunt Minnie and Carol Ann for lunch at the Bootlegger (used to be an old bank in town).





Lunch group (thank you Carol Ann!)



Arrival at the Arkansas City (“Ark City) motel:  Part 2 of the Spider story

- yes, you guessed it…..we had a hitchhiker

- the spider presented itself again when we got out of the car (probably from mom’s door crack?)

- it was black with some fur and it certainly appeared to be the identical spider we thought we had left behind over 24 hours ago

- the spider scurried all around the outside trunk area as Linda repeatedly tried to knock it off and kill it with her plastic soda bottle

- of course there was a lot of excited screeching involved

- this attracted the motel lady who was apparently viewing all of the commotion and she came out armed with a fly swatter

- the spider dropped off of the car (FINALLY) leading to some shouting:  STEP ON IT!  KILL IT!

- and yes, the spider story finally is finished


Ark City

- a evening walk along the river with a beautiful sunset and a deer sighting (doe and a couple of fawns)

- a great visit with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron – lots of fun!

- dinner at the casino and a session at the slot machines (no winners in our group!)






Us with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron outside their home



Miscellaneous Situations:

- Stinkbugs organizing their suitcases


The zipper incident



Dinner at Applebees the night before flying out of Wichita and becoming befuddled over how to each put in our part of the money since none of us had the right amount of change….


A great trip with lots of laughter!!!  We’ll have more “girl’s trips” in the future to report….